Internal rules

Arrival from 2 P.M. and departure before 12 of noon. Late departures from the villa may incur a charge of EUR 30. If possible and with the prior agreement of the “NerDas villa” administration, a special agreement on departure and arrival times is possible.

Leased premises and material values ​​there.

  • Barbecue, firewood, spit, deckchairs, outdoor furniture, terrace on the water;
  • SPA services (surcharge)
  • Hot tub, steam bath (for an extra charge);
  • Commercial fishing (surcharge);
  • When booking the villa, pay an advance payment of 40% of the total price of the service. Upon arrival at the homestead, pay the full rental price. If guests do not stay full time, the fee is non-refundable.
  • Familiarize yourself with and follow fire, safety and internal regulations;
  • When ordering additional (paid) services, pay for them immediately;
  • Use water and electricity sparingly;
  • Do not cause inconvenience to other guests of the homestead by your behaviour;
  • Store personal belongings only in your rented premises or car (the owners are not responsible for the safety of personal belongings);
  • Participate in providing rented premises and material values ​​to the owners of the homestead;
  • Before leaving the villa, take your rubbish in a container, add the used premises tidy.
  • Indoor smoking (designated smoking areas);
  • Burning candles outside (on the terrace);
  • Littering in the territory of the homestead (throwing smokehouses, containers, food waste outside);
  • In addition to coordination with the hosts, light fireplaces in the villa, burn candles, use devices that emit open fire, use any firearms, fireworks or firecrackers;
  • Without the permission of the owners to bring pets.
  • To transfer the tangible property and inventory in the villa;
  • Use outdoor towels, blankets, bedspreads, chairs, tables and other indoor inventory;
  • Invite temporary visitors, friends or others;
  • Burn plastic and chemical materials in flowers and barbecues.

Guests are materially responsible for all damaged, destroyed movable and immovable property in the villa and its territory;

  • Use electrical appliances properly. Do not leave unattended electrical appliances, TV;
  • Smoke only outdoors, in designated areas and dispose of extinguished smoke only in designated containers;
  • Burning fireplaces with the permission of the hosts and listening to instructions;
  • Firewood should be placed only in designated areas at a safe distance, away from open flames;
  • Do not cause any kind of fire in the forest;
  • To create a fire in the territory of the homestead only in the places equipped for that purpose. It is forbidden to leave the fire unattended; it must be extinguished when leaving the fire;
  • Use the inventory only for its intended purpose;
  • Each guest is individually responsible for the quality and freshness of the food brought;
  • If the guest injures himself or herself or damages his or her property through his or her own fault, in violation of the rules of safe conduct, fire and internal order, the owners of the homestead shall not be liable;
  • The guests themselves are responsible for other possible accidents that may occur inside the homestead, in the yard, sauna, hot tub, swimming in the pond and other places;
  • The guest is responsible for accidents and their consequences due to alcohol consumption.
  • These rules are designed to protect you.
  • We wish you a pleasant, peaceful and safe rest.
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